Welcome to Our Practice!

Dr. Frick and his team have been working to deserve and preserve the trust of each person we see every day for over 25 years. Up-to-date knowledge, honesty, humor, and a wealth of experience guide our consistent efforts to effectively achieve the best long-term benefits for each patient we treat. We love orthodontics and want you to enjoy a healthy smile for life.

Being an elective service, the decision to pursue orthodontics can be a difficult one. We first listen carefully to the needs and concerns of each patient we see. We then explain the reasonable options to most effectively address those concerns. We enjoy answering your questions, as we want everyone to have the time and information to make the best treatment decisions for themselves. In this way, we can create a committed team – patient, Dr. Frick and office staff – focused on creating the optimal lifetime benefits of orthodontic care.

When asked to state his philosophy of practice only one year out of training, Dr. Frick responded simply: “I’d like to do things for each patient in such a way that we are still glad to see each other five years after treatment.” We’re still trying hard to do that, one person at a time. Ask anyone who’s been here and see how we have done. We hope we can help you.

Our Mission

  • To provide exceptional, professional service
  • To build and maintain positive, lasting relationships
  • To communicate clearly and effectively
  • To treat every person with genuine concern, fairness and friendliness

In so doing, we commit to providing excellent orthodontic treatment using appropriate technology in a comfortable environment.